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What is the Clwb Gofal?

Meithrinfa Seren Nursery operate the After School Kids Club at Carreg Hirfaen providing after school care for your children every weekday.  It is open to children aged between 4 and 11 years old. It is run through the medium of Welsh. 


Club Hours  

After School 3.20pm - 5.15pm


Where does the club meet? 

The Clwb operates on the school premises and is run by staff employed at Meithrinfa Seren Nursery. Children joining the activities will be in familiar surroundings with staff that they are familiar with. The building is suitable for the disabled.


What do the children do?
Tea provided (Healthy eating manu)
Indoor/outdoor activities


Outdoor Activities
Wide range of facilities for games e.g. hockey, tennis, football, rugby, parachute activities, etc 


Indoor Activities
Activities include board games, art and craft, computer activities, cookery, role-play and visits. Quiet areas are available for reading and homework. 


How can I use the Clwb?
You must register your child/children before they can attend, even if you only intend to make use of the facility infrequently. Registration forms can be collected from the Play Leader. 

Currently the Clwb has places for 30 children during each session. These are initially allocated to children who have been registered for a place (full or part time) and allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

If you require a place in an emergency your child MUST be registered. To book a place you must check availability by ringing the school.  

The Play leader must be made aware of any change in persons collecting child from club.

The child must be signed out of the club at the end of every session.