Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure that their children attend school regularly and should telephone the school before 9.10 a.m. on the first day of absence if their child is unable to attend school. 
We also appreciate a note explaining every absence in order to avoid official enquiries.

We are expected as a school to manage attendance and keep a record of pupil absence. All schools are required to record a pupil’s absence as either authorised or unauthorised. If parents fail to notify the school of an absence it will automatically be recorded as an unauthorised absence against the child.

Parents should inform the school in writing if an absence is known in advance. The school reserves the right in all cases of absence to determine the category of absence.

When a child has a medical appointment during the school day parents should let the school know when the child will be collected. No child will be allowed to leave school unless collected by a responsible adult.

It is your responsibility as a parent to notify the school of every case of absence.

The school is using a computerized and electronic system to maintain pupils’ attendance register every day. The procedure enables the Education Authority to monitor patterns of attendance, absence and possible truancy in schools. The procedure reveals cases of absence without permission and we as a school are expected to be referr (those for which we do not receive a reason) to the attention of the Education and Welfare Officer.

  • The register will be open daily until 9.30am.
  • In a case of absence the school should be informed of your child’s absence on the first morning. This needs to be done in order to confirm the authenticity of an absece and to conform with Health and Safety arrangements i.e. contact will demonstrate that a parent is aware of absence avoiding any doubt or possibility of truancy.
  • If a word or phone call is not received before 9.30am, the school will endeavour to contact parents to confirm that a child is absent with the parent’s knowledge. Again, this will be part of the procedure to safeguard pupils’ Health and Safety. As the school is ‘in loco parentis’ between 8.30am and 3.35pm, it has to be by now ensured that pupils are safe and that parents have a quiet mind that their child is present in school as expected.
  • The electronic registration procedure sets clear guidelines and direction for a school to set out definite and authentic reasons for pupils’ absence. It will be necessary to present a note to explain a pupil’s absence on the first day that the pupil returns to school after illness.
  • The Head Teacher’s permission should be sought beforehand if the need arises for a child to miss a session of school e.g. doctor’s appointment, hospital appointment, dental appointment, educational activity. Bringing such a card or appointment letter for the school to make a copy for the purpose of recording absence would ease the procedure for everyone and avoid the need for an explanatory note. The original appointment card or letter is returned of course.
  • The school has a definite procedure for parents to ask the Headteacher’s permission to excuse a pupil from the school for a period of family holidays during term time – up to 10 school days. Such absence is considered to be authorized absence. Absence (due to holidays) that exceeds the 10 school days that are permitted has to be noted as unauthorized absence.
  • Contact beforehand is appreciated for permission for a pupil to miss a school session due to another reason than illness or appointment. The registration procedure details what is accepted as authorized absence and what must be noted as unauthorized absence.

We appreciate that matters often arise quickly and without warning. This school, its arrangements and staff are sensitive to that, but it is appreciated if you could contact us and give a reason for your child’s absence when you can, but definitely on the child’s return to school.

In the event of adverse weather the headteacher will liaise with the headmaster of Ysgol Bro Pedr regarding the conveyance of children living in outlying areas home early. This is necessary as children in both schools often share the same transport. Parents will be contacted by telephone or text message to ensure that someone is at home before a child is allowed home early on school transport.

Information on school closure during inclement weather will be broadcast on Radio Wales/Cymru, Radio Carmarthenshire and on Carmarthenshire County Web Site as soon as possible.