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Foundation Phase 9.00am - 12 mid-day 1.15pm - 3.20 pm
Key Stage 2 8.50am - 12.15pm    1.15pm - 3.20 pm 



We have snack time every moring where your child is able to buy a piece of fruit for 20p at the School Tuck Shop. Alternatively your child may bring a piece of fruit with him/her to school.



Rhos Class (year 4 and 5) (Miss Hayley Griffiths' class) will be undertaking P.E. activities on Thursday. Your child will need suitable clothing to undertake these activities, e.g. shorts, T-shirt & plimsolls, etc. 

Thursday - Games lesson 



Please can you make sure all of your child's school uniform is labelled with his/her name. 




Literacy and Numeracy Homework is set twice a week.

Tuesday - Maths


Friday - Language and Spelling


Daily - Reading 

The children participate in Guided Reading Sessions through the week, and we encourage the pupils to read at home with an adult on a daily basis. We also encourage parents to write comments in the reading record books when your child has read.

Books (1)


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you 

Miss Hayley Griffiths


Autumn Term 2018 

Our theme this term is Robot Rampage.

During this term we will be looking at:

  • Robots in real life jobs
  • How robots are being developed and why
  • Robots in films, books and science fiction
  • Materials and their properties
  • Famous engineers
  • Robotic and electronic toys
  • Toys in the past and future 

If you have any knowledge, contacts or resources that could be useful for our study please let us know!! We would also appreciate any 'junk' that could be used to make robots. Thank You :) 


A FANTASTIC effort by all for Children in Need! Everyone looked brilliant in their pyjamas!

IMG 0397



Our Remembrance Poppies.

IMG 6419

The pupils had great fun creating Firework silhouettes to celebrate the 5th of November. 

 IMG 6424


Here we are making a mess with jelly during our 'Wibbly Wobbly" experiment! We enjoyed seeing how different substances effected the grip we had on the jelly with out chopsticks!

IMG 0029IMG 0024

IMG 0018IMG 0024


Summer Term

Our theme for this term is Nature Detectives

During this term our theme has a science focus. We will be looking at 

  • The Forest/Woods
  • Challenges facing habitats
  • Environmental Issues - human behaviour - recycling litter etc
  • Woodland creatures
  • Food chains
  • Plants, leaves and trees 
  • Wetlands
  • Rock pools
  • Pond Life/Pond dipping
  • 'Water' creatures
  • Pollution effects on these areas
  • The water cycle
  • Freezing and melting
  • Natural v Man made materials 
  • We  will also be focusing on the artwork of Andy Goldworthy.

If you have any knowledge, contacts or resources that could be useful for our study please let us know!! Thank You :) 

During the term we have planned visits to the Botanical Gardens, Dinfewr and a recycling plant. We have a very busy term ahead of us.


In our theme lessons we have been researching and recreating the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.

IMG 4136


A successfull day bug hunting and building bug houses in Dinefwr Park. 

IMG 4252

IMG 4283


A fun filled visit to the Botanical Gardens! Everyone had a brilliant time, even if we got a bit wet! We were busy bug hunting, exploring the glass house, pond dipping and meeting Roxy the eagle!

IMG 3847IMG 3913

IMG 3954IMG 3957

Spring Term

Our theme for this term is How we work...

During this term our work will be concentrating on personal and social health and wellbeing. We will be looking at topics such as;

  • Functions of parts of the body
  • The Heart
  • The Lungs
  • The Skeleton
  • Teeth
  • Food groups and the wellbeing plate
  • The 5 senses and their role in everyday life


We had a busy 3 days enjoying in Llangrannog!

IMG 2825

IMG 3276

As part of our theme work we have been fortuante enough to have Mr Morgan visit us to do a 'First Aid' workshop. We all learnt so much from him. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

IMG 0203

IMG 0216

IMG 0226


Everybody looked fantastic as we celebrated St David's Day. Congratulations to everybody who competed in the school Eisteddfod, you all did fantastically!

IMG 2714

IMG 2719


Well what an experience! As part of our theme work on the body and organs, we were fortunate enough to be able to see for ourselves the internal organs of a lamb!

IMG 0074

IMG 0076

IMG 0082

IMG 0085

IMG 0095



Autumn Term

Our theme for this half term is 'Castles and Dragons'. 

During this half term some of our activities will include;

  • Research Castles around Wales
  • Visit Dinefwr Castle
  • Bulid a castle out of Lego/blocks and junk
  • Design dragons, shields and helmets
  • Look at Paul Klee's art work 
  • Measure the perimeters of different castles
  • Use 2D shapes to create castles  
  • Look at the journey time from school to different Castles
  • Creat leaflets to promote their favourite castle.
  • J.M.W Turner (artist)
  • Medieval music 

In our English lessons we will be focusing on a Pie Corbett approach and will begin with the story of 'Lazy Jack'. We will also be reading 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl.

In our Welsh lessons we will look at a variety of Welsh fables, beginning with the local fable 'Cae Sion Philip'. 



Thank you to Mr Urdd for coming to visit us to help celebrate 'Diwrnod Coch, Gwyn a Gwyrdd'. Everybody looked great dressed up in the welsh colours!

IMG 0074

Well done to Hari and Elan on coming 2nd and 3rd place in the handwriting competition at Llansawel show. Ymdrech arbennig blant!

IMG 0014 

Congratulations to Hari on being a 1st place student during Carmarthenshires Sumdog competition. Well done to all the students who were busy answering questions, as a class we finished the competition in 9th place! Gwaith wych!

IMG 0016 

This week we have enjoyed getting messy making decorations to sell at the Christmas Fair.

IMG 1219 IMG 1220IMG 1221

IMG 1222IMG 1223IMG 1224


Here is our artwork based on the story 'The Dot'. We all enjoyed seeing all the different pictures that could be created using only one black dot!

 IMG 1161IMG 1160IMG 1162


We have had lots of fun building castles out of old boxes and junk! Thank you to everybody for your kind donations!

IMG 1211

IMG 1191


Educational visit to Castell Dinefwr

On Thursday, September 14th we enjoyed a eductational trip to 'Castell Dinefwr'. The children had the opportunity to learn about the history of the Castle through a theatrical performance by the Castles very own Arglwydd Rhys. The children then made the long walk up to the castle where they had the opportunity to explore! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

 IMG 0950

IMG 0991

IMG 0436

IMG 0430

IMG 0464

IMG 0481

IMG 0509

IMG 0494

IMG 0503