Foundation Classes

There are 7 classes of children aged from 3-7yrs who follow the Foundation Phase Curriculum. 

This new framework is skills based. The Foundation Phase Curriculum blends practical and creative activities with knowldege and understanding of the world. The curriculum covers 7 areas of learning, the focus is on creating an exciting, stimulating and purposeful learning environment, using both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity is at the heart of the Foundation Phase Curriculum and the learners' skills are developed across all areas of learning. Motivation and comittment to learning is encouraged as pupils begin to understand their own potential and capabilities to become confident, competent and independent thinkers and learners.  

Children's literacy skills are developed as they are immersed in exciting language experiences and activities through the curriculum and their reading and writing developed during the Read, Write, Inc synthetic phonic programme.

Their mathematical skills are developed through oral practical and play activities, as well as using a variety of ICT resources for exploring number. The Maths Makes Sense programme is used across the school. The children have daily lessons using concrete objects to deepen their understanding of key mathematical concepts.

Junior Classes

There are 8 classes of children aged from 7 – 11 years (years 3 to 6). 

The National Curriculum orders 2008 detail the skills and range of learning junior children are to experience.  This is also linked to the non-statutory Skills Framework.  These programmes of study inform schemes of work specific to Johnstown school.  At the core of the Curriculum are assessment for learning strategies, which are utilised to continually move learning forward.  Learners actively engage with a variety of exciting learning opportunities that center around Key Skills development.  They will often share and discuss their learning experiences, processes and outcomes within 'Perfect Partners', 'Terrific Trios' or small groups. 

Please take the opportunity to click on our year group links to find out about the variety of activities recently undertaken by our learners.

Croeso i ddosbarth Meithrin/Derbyn Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen

Croeso i ddosbarth Derbyn / Blwyddyn 1 Carreg Hirfaen.

Croeso i ddosbarth Blynyddoedd 1 a 2 Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen.

Croeso i ddosbarth Blynyddoedd 3 a 4 Carreg Hirfaen.

Croeso i ddosbarth Blynyddoedd 4 a 5 Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen

Croeso i ddosbarth blynyddoedd 5 a 6 Carreg Hirfaen.